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Hello There! I'm Kayleigh. A Twenty something adult from the heart of Sussex, just along the south coast of England. Thank you for taking a look at my corner of the internet. I love Books, Tea, Plants, White Wine, Home Interior and everything Disney! On my blog, you'll find lots of lifestyle posts on being an actual adult . . . anyone else feel like they aren't responsible enough? Adulthood is a journey that we are constantly learning new lessons or gaining new experiences as well as dealing with the struggles we may face. I'm a huge believer in positivity and trying to find the positive in a situation rather than focusing on the negative of the situation. I struggle with anxiety, I know what it's like to live with a head full of worries as well as the ongoing battles you face. If you want to know more, just let me know and thank you for taking a look around!

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Five Things I've Learnt Living on my Own

How are you doing? 

I'm back to work after lockdown and I love being back in a kind of routine and having something to fill my days with. I spent many days doing nothing, watching tv ( loose women started to become a daily ritual) and planning a walk I never actually went on. 

I've been doing up our place and making it more our own. I really wanted to give it a new look and just change a few things. This got me thinking of when we moved in and how we didn't really know a lot about living on our own ,so I thought I'd share a few thoughts and things I've learnt along the way. 


Our first food shop was insanely expensive. We had nothing in the way of food and cleaning products. So the first food shop was so expensive. However we soon learnt that we didn't need all the treats and snacks we were buying as well as all of the food we thought we could eat but just went out of date. we learnt to just buy the things we needed but it's okay to buy the odd treat here and there. Also some shops are cheaper than others, it just depends on your budget to where you shop. I love taking my time to browse different products especially when there are so many brands of the same product like cheese or washing powder! 


Yes you read that right. I love a new cleaning product or a new cloth. My weekends are spent cleaning and I'm okay with that! I used to get excited about a new bronzer or a new kind of bag. I love discovering a new brand of product and using it to clean the house! The same goes for homeware. I love adding new touches to my home or adding simple little things. I'm forever browsing department store websites for the home or a trip to The Range, Wilkinson or Dunelm. Total bliss! 


I love cooking and baking but there was a time where I found it daunting. Google is my best friend if I'm feeling like I want to make something that I haven't made before or I need to check measurements. I'm comfortable with taking risks in the kitchen now and will occasionally make something that I haven't made before but sometimes there is nothing like a lazy dinner where you just put nuggets in the oven and you can relax for five with a glass of wine! 


This home is yours. You are responsible for everything. The bills, the cleaning . . . you are responsible for everything in this house. It's so easy to be disorganised and binge watch Netflix whilst the dishes pile up next to the sink. It's easy to think - I'll do the housework tomorrow or I'll do that in an hour, and then you never do. Prioritising the jobs is important to keep organised and keeping on top of the housework, jobs and the day to day life of living on your own. Making sure you pay all your bills on time, making sure you are registered with an electric company and paying for water as well as paying your council tax.   


There will always be something you want to change or something that needs redoing. When you first move into your home, you won't have all the things you need straight away. It takes time to buy things and have all the things you need. I mean, its taken me a while to get new blinds and lampshades since we moved in. I finally picked up a full length mirror which I have wanted since I moved in. It's okay to not have all of the things you need straight away, start off slowly and you can always pick up bits and bobs along the way. 

Anything you learnt about living on your own? 


  1. I love posts like this, and I agree homeware and cleaning products are amazing!!! I find that I am always looking for new bits for the house!

    1. Completely! I can't help but browse and think - I need that! Discovering new cleaning products makes my day and I'll clean just so I can use it 🤣


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