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Hello There! I'm Kayleigh. A Twenty something adult from the heart of Sussex, just along the south coast of England. Thank you for taking a look at my corner of the internet. I love Books, Tea, Plants, White Wine, Home Interior and everything Disney! On my blog, you'll find lots of lifestyle posts on being an actual adult . . . anyone else feel like they aren't responsible enough? Adulthood is a journey that we are constantly learning new lessons or gaining new experiences as well as dealing with the struggles we may face. I'm a huge believer in positivity and trying to find the positive in a situation rather than focusing on the negative of the situation. I struggle with anxiety, I know what it's like to live with a head full of worries as well as the ongoing battles you face. If you want to know more, just let me know and thank you for taking a look around!

Latest on the blog

BOOK REVIEW| She Had To Kill Him by Aviva Gat

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Aviva Gat's Book - She Had To Kill Him - in exchange of an honest review. This is the fourth book I have read by the author and after reading the blurb, I jumped at the chance of reading her latest book. Please note- this review contains spoilers. 


There are two ways to get away with mass murder. The first, an expensive lawyer. The second, suicide. Robert Derby used the first one. I’m using the second."

Mara was celebrating her 21st birthday when her family was killed by a drunk driver. Two years later, Mara wants justice. She wants the drunk driver to understand how it feels to lose everything. She has a plan and a gun and she knows how to use it. But is she capable of murder?

Garrett can’t help the family he was born into. His name puts a target on his back. Maybe that’s why he always dates women who need help. But can helping the wrong person lead to disaster?

My View

The book starts with Mara. Shes attending a charity event on her own. Shes used an fake name and has only attended for one reason. To get revenge on the wealthy businessman who got off his charges for killing her family. 

 She wants him to feel her pain. the loss she is feeling. With her gun hidden, shes ready, waiting for the right moment to complete her mission. But a handsome stranger begins talking to her and distracts her from her task. After a few dates and getting to know this man, she discovers that he is the son of the man who murdered her family. 

The emotions, manipulation and panic, the different perspectives of each character. This plot is leaves you in suspense and you need to know more. Aviva really explores each characters emotion and each character is well written. I loved the way we got to experience things from Garrett as well as Robert and Mara, about different situations that occur in the plot. 

This is probably my favourite book of hers yet. I really enjoyed the twists and thrill of this novel.  I really liked her writing style with this book and enjoyed the way she looked at the different emotions of each individual character. If you are a fan of thriller novels or books with suspense, then you'll really enjoy giving this book a read. 

Thank you Aviva Gat for the copy. I can't wait to see what you come up with next. 

This book is out on 21st July 2020 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon! 

*Please note I was gifted this book to read and write a review*