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Hello There! I'm Kayleigh. A Twenty something adult from the heart of Sussex, just along the south coast of England. Thank you for taking a look at my corner of the internet. I love Books, Tea, Plants, White Wine, Home Interior and everything Disney! On my blog, you'll find lots of lifestyle posts on being an actual adult . . . anyone else feel like they aren't responsible enough? Adulthood is a journey that we are constantly learning new lessons or gaining new experiences as well as dealing with the struggles we may face. I'm a huge believer in positivity and trying to find the positive in a situation rather than focusing on the negative of the situation. I struggle with anxiety, I know what it's like to live with a head full of worries as well as the ongoing battles you face. If you want to know more, just let me know and thank you for taking a look around!

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30 things I want to do before I'm the big 30!

Hello everyone... 

Ok, fine.

I admit, I'm nearly 30. 

I like to try and pass off as early twenties if I can. I always get asked for ID which I love! 

I swear times just gone. I meant there I was as an eight year old child, singing along to the theme tune to the titanic and pretending to be Rose, to present day where I'm sobbing my heart out, with a glass of wine at the fact that Rose doesn't move over to save Jack! 

It's fine, age comes to us all and I don't think I'd wanna be young again and have to go through the whole process again. With all of the experience and life lessons I've learnt, I just am happy with life at the moment. 

The big 30 is a year or two away and I have plenty of time to do a few things. 

I've decided as it's the next big birthday, I'm going to try and achieve as many things as I can before I'm 30! 

30 things I want to do before I'm 30! 

1. Get my ears pierced
2. Get a tattoo
3. Go to Orlando, Florida
4. Meet Mickey Mouse
5. Meet Alice in Wonderland in Disney World
6. Pass my driving test or even start learning to drive
7. Plan my Wedding
8. Get Married or be in the process of getting Married
9. Visit Harry Potter World
10. Travel to other European Countries such as Italy or Germany, I'd love to go to Berlin. (If I don't go be in the process of planning!) 
11. Add a lock to the love lock bridge in Paris. 
12. Run or in my case walk a marathon 
13. Write a book/Novel and publish it
14. See another West End Musical
15. Continue working on growing my blog
16. Publish an article in a magazine
17. Go on the London eye & The Shard
18. Take more risks! 
19. Have a spa weekend
20. Read some of the classics
21. Visit other places in the UK 
22. Plan a trip back to New York 
23. Write a children's book
24. Do something to get out of my comfort zone! 
25. Go back or in the process of going back to Dublin
26. Get fit or start yoga.
27. Learn a new skill 
28. Visit a Water park 
29. Possibly get another piercing 
30.Plan a big party for my 30th! 

I'd love to do as many of these as I can or at least be on the way to completing them by my 30th birthday! 

Do you have a bucket list? What are some of your goals?

X O X O