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Hey There!
Hello and thanks for stopping by! Welcome to my lifestyle blog where I look at my experiences in adulting and oversharing lessons learnt in life. I'm Kayleigh, I love books, caffeinated beverages, space and autumn. If you'd like to know anything more, please let me know!

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I'm not feeling 100% today but happened to be laying in bed, feeling a bit sorry for myself, when I came across something on twitter and became inspired instantly.  The word .... Possibilities.  Life has endless possibilities to the choice of coffee you order at your local Costa's to the …

Back to Reality ....

Happy New Year...  I know we are in the middle of the first month of Two Thousand and Eighteen but I haven't had the time or the energy to sit at my desk and write a blog posts.  I had two weeks off over the Christmas period and I've gone to working to having time off to then back to work and I …