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Hello There! I'm Kayleigh. A Twenty something adult from the heart of Sussex, just along the south coast of England. Thank you for taking a look at my corner of the internet. I love Books, Tea, Plants, White Wine, Home Interior and everything Disney! On my blog, you'll find lots of lifestyle posts on being an actual adult . . . anyone else feel like they aren't responsible enough? Adulthood is a journey that we are constantly learning new lessons or gaining new experiences as well as dealing with the struggles we may face. I'm a huge believer in positivity and trying to find the positive in a situation rather than focusing on the negative of the situation. I struggle with anxiety, I know what it's like to live with a head full of worries as well as the ongoing battles you face. If you want to know more, just let me know and thank you for taking a look around!

Latest on the blog

Down at the beach . . . ♥

Spring is in the air! The sun has been shining down on the south coast of England for a few days (apart from the odd spot of rain! Good old British weather!) 

We all know that summer is on its way! 

One thing I love about summer is going down to the beach! 

AdoreMe have been looking at beach essentials and asked me to write mine!

AdoreMe is an online store which specialises in lingerie as well as swimsuits and pj's.  They have a plus colection too. The designer once worked for Victoria Secrets and believes underwear should feel comfortable but sexy. 'Something that suits your personality but gives you that extra boost of confidence. ' 

One thing they believe and I to believe is that the beach is for everyone, no matter what size we are. 

There's been a lot in the news and social media about body shaming. Celebrities posting almost naked selfies onto social media, causing the world of social media to go crazy. I'm personally don't think posting naked selfies onto social media sends out a good message to teenage girls. They are looking out for celebrities to follow and copy and doubting the way they look already. I know is we don't like something we can get surgery to change it, but we need to show that we are already beautiful the way we are. But neither do I agree with body shaming. Calling someone 'fat' or 'ugly' is wrong. If you've got it flaunt it. There's nothing wrong with showing a little skin. I don't think people should judge or be spiteful towards others because they dislike or want to humiliate the way someone looks. You don't know someone's story, you can't judge by what you see. There's always more than meets the eye. 

Women should feel beautiful in the summer and no body shammer should stop someone from feeling beautiful or getting glammed up on the beach, no matter what your dress size is! So ignore the haters, let's get ready to for summer!  

When I'm not busy working in the summer, the beach is the place I go to where I can get five minuets peace and quiet and escape from the world.  

One thing I have to have with me is my headphones and phone. I love putting my headphones in and listening to relaxing music . 

Sunglasses are a must too! I have to wear special sunglasses that have my lenses in or everything is a blur! I love big bug sunglasses. And more importantly it protects your eyes from the sun.  

I wear a bikini on the beach and recently brought some high waisted bikini bottoms! I'm obsessed with anything high waisted and I wore them to Rome when I had a little spa treat for my birthday. But there are many different styles of bikinis or swimsuits we can choose to wear. Just depends on the style we like or what feels most comfortable.  

This is from AdoreMe. I love retro high-waisted bikinis! 
I love a good maxi dress or high-waisted maxi skirt with a cute little top! It's perfect for the beach. It's easy to take off for a spot of sunbathing or a swim in the sea. And more importantly you're look super stylish after your trip to the beach. 

Most importantly you need a towel or beach mat. Something to lay on to stop getting sandy! In good old Worthing, (Near Brighton) we have stones on our beach and they aren't too nice to sit on if you haven't brought a towel! Also if you want to go for a paddle or a quick swim, you'll need something to snuggle into! 

I tend to find that the beach is a perfect place to write. I've started a novel or an idea for a song, blog or story. But if I'm not writing, I'll be reading. A good book is something else I take. Perfect for getting completely lost in a world of imagination and fiction. 

Flip Flops! Perfect footwear for the beach! I'm completely obsessed with flip flops and it's all I'll wear as soon as the weather starts getting hotter! If not flip flops a cute pair of sandals. 

And lastly daisy headbands! Daisies are my favourite and I just love a good daisy headband. My hair is crazy and a headband keeps all my crazy blonde strands neat and tidy. But also it looks rather stylish and rather summery! 

So there you have it. My #BeachDayMusts. 

I know I shall be taking a look at some of the things AdoreMe have to offer. As I was browsing for this blog, I have found a couple of items I liked! If your looking for a new beach outfit take a look at the link below! 

Till next time! 


Some of AdoreMe's Swimwear