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Hey There!
Hello and thanks for stopping by! Welcome to my lifestyle blog where I look at my experiences in adulting and oversharing lessons learnt in life. I'm Kayleigh, I love books, caffeinated beverages, space and autumn. If you'd like to know anything more, please let me know!

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Showing posts from January, 2016

Country walk in Sussex

I guess today is farewell  I shall miss writing you these letters January but I know you'll return again next year  But instead of feeling sad, January  I shall simply tell you about my country walk.  Today January, I was taken to Loxwood.  A quiet little village on the edge Billingsh…

Harvey's Gang!

Hey Guys, Happy New Year to you all!  I haven't made any new years resolutions. I'm terrible at keeping them and deciding what my plan of action for the new year is going to be. So this year there is no resolutions.  However . . . .  Today I was fortunate enough to visit the Pathology Labs at Worth…