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Hello There! I'm Kayleigh. A Twenty something adult from the heart of Sussex, just along the south coast of England. Thank you for taking a look at my corner of the internet. I love Books, Tea, Plants, White Wine, Home Interior and everything Disney! On my blog, you'll find lots of lifestyle posts on being an actual adult . . . anyone else feel like they aren't responsible enough? Adulthood is a journey that we are constantly learning new lessons or gaining new experiences as well as dealing with the struggles we may face. I'm a huge believer in positivity and trying to find the positive in a situation rather than focusing on the negative of the situation. I struggle with anxiety, I know what it's like to live with a head full of worries as well as the ongoing battles you face. If you want to know more, just let me know and thank you for taking a look around!

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My Top Five Benefit Products

I love Benefit make-up and I can spend long periods of time looking through the different products. I tend to use a lot of their products because I find that they are good for my skin and easy to use and feel good once it's been applied. I do use different make up ranges and try out new products or products I may not have come across but Benefit is by far my favourite brand to use, I have several Benefit products but the following are my favourite to use.

Boiing Concealer

I use this a lot especially under my eyes to cover up the dark lines that happen to appear! It's very easy to apply and feels lovely on. It's easy to blend in and if you're not to sure on the shade you should get, the benefit assistant is always helpful and will help match the colour to your skin tone. One of the best concealers I've used. This product doesn't leave your skin feeling hard or stuck together like some concealers do. Nor does it feel hard or dry. Would recommend it if your looking for a new concealer! 

They're Real! Mascara 

This Mascara is the best one I've ever used. It's lovely to use and doesn't leave lashes clumpy like some Mascara's do. The wand is easy to use and separates lashes as some mascaras stick lashes together. The mascara does make lashes look longer and I know when I've applied it to mine they stand out more. I didn't believe the slogan to this product when I first brought it, but it is right! After a couple of coats of mascara on your lashes they really do look like you're wearing fake lashes! Would recommend if your thinking about buying a new mascara!

They're Real! Push Up Liner 

I love my eye-liner whether it's to do a full dramatic line on my top lid to the bottom lid. I found some eye-liners are ok and some are not so. But when I discovered the latest Benefit eye-liner I knew it would be worth a try and was I right. It has a brilliant tip to the pen that you can do big dramatic eyes to a tin line on the top of your lid, I found that this eye-liner doesn't smudge. I apply my make up early in the morning and take it off late in the evening and I find that my eye-liner is the same when I take it off. It feels nice on my lid as that's where I apply it and doesn't feel stuck like some do. Would recommend this eye-liner if your looking for a new one!  

Hello Flawless Powder 

I too have used my fair share of powder foundation and this is the best powder I have used. Not only is it smooth, soft and feel nice when applied but also comes with a brush and a sponge. Like some powders they can stick to your face after a while and feel dry and tight, this powder does not. It makes you skin feel nice and smooth and feels nice and smooth and feels like your not wearing any powder at all. Not only that but it comes in a cute little box and it's sold to me when I see all the packaging Benefit products come in! 

Big Easy Foundation

This is  the best foundation I have used and really works well with my skin. Some foundations I have used leave my sin feeling horrible or spotty. This foundation is the opposite and is designed to blend in with you natural tone. It again is smooth and makes your skin feel soft and doesn't leave you with an orange line around your face. I've used foundations where I've blended and blended but still makes me look like an Omppa Loompa out of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. It feels nice, creamy when you place it in the back of your hand and rub it into your skin. Would recommend if your looking for a new foundation! 

So these are my favourite Benefit products. I tend to use Benefit out of all the different make-up ranges out there. If you're unsure of your skin tone or not sure if a product would suit you, the Benefit assistants are more than helpful. In my experience when I've needed help with my skin tone or choosing the right foundation for my skin, they have always helped me and listened to any worries or questions I have asked them.  

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