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Hey There!
Hello and thanks for stopping by! Welcome to my lifestyle blog where I look at my experiences in adulting and oversharing lessons learnt in life. I'm Kayleigh, I love books, caffeinated beverages, space and autumn. If you'd like to know anything more, please let me know!

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Showing posts from 2015

Getting on with Life

We all have those moments when life seem really crap and you just think there is no point to anything at all.  WRONG!  No matter how much the rain pours, there will be sunshine , , , , eventually.  Life is tough and sometimes for some its harder than others. I myself have had my share of it and for som…

My life with Anxiety

Hey guys, I might have mentioned it before in one of my other blogs but I suffer with Anxiety. Something that can effect my day quite badly and not something that I tend to talk about with anyone. I keep it all quite personal and when I'm about to have an 'anxiety attack' I tend to keep it to myself a…

Back in time to the 1940's

This is my 1940's look!  Hey guys, I know, I said I was going to be blogging a lot more but I've had a bit of a situation and it got me down but what I've learnt is that you got to pick yourself up and carry on with life and it's hard but I've had the most wonderful  people  around me to h…


I have lovely memories of Dorset as a child and so I decided to take a trip down memory lane. My Grandparents would often take me to Poole during the summer holidays and it was somewhere I never forgot as I grew up.  I can't drive, so to get to Poole, I took the train. It's a long journey and a qui…

World Book Day

Hey, I love World Book Day! A day especially designed for Books. It's brilliant that books have their day and they are so important. I know how much I enjoyed books growing up and how much time I would spend reading them. And writing my own book, you can understand how much hard work goes into it. When I…

Top ten things to do in London.

I love London! It's historical and there's always something to do. I love to go up to London whenever I can and try and spend the whole day up there. If you find yourself in London, I've created a list of my top ten things to do to visit or things to do. 1. The London Underground Now I'm…