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Hey There!
Hello and thanks for stopping by! Welcome to my lifestyle blog where I look at my experiences in adulting and oversharing lessons learnt in life. I'm Kayleigh, I love books, caffeinated beverages, space and autumn. If you'd like to know anything more, please let me know!

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73 Questions | Get to Know Me

It's been a while since I had re-introduced myself and I have a few new readers since I had done my last re-introduction. I saw a few other bloggers had done a tag on Vouge's 73 Qusestions so I thought it could be fun to play along as well as re-introduce myself to my newer readers.  Here's 73 Questions - …

Sup, 2021

Well ... WHAT A YEAR! What an absolutely horrid year! We were all so excited about 2020. This was going to be our year, the excitement that it was a start of a whole new decade. Saying goodbye to the last ten years as we excitedly looked forward to the decade ahead of us. What would 2020 have install for us...  Good …